Book #2 from the series: The Smitten Series

Crowd Pleaser

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 Jett Miller is the best. The best friend, the best brother, the best Christmas tree decorator...and the best at getting friend-zoned. Until her. They just clicked. He talked, she laughed, and maybe for the first time in his life he didn't stutter over his words or fall into some weird accent that sent her running the other way. The problem? She works for one of his best friends - a major league All-Star - and lives about 2,000 miles away in sunny Los Angeles. What chance does a small-town sports bar owner from Michigan have with a girl like that?

Zoey Nunez has two main Taking care of her family and taking care of her client. Between her father, her two younger siblings, and her hard-hitting client who is a magnet for trouble, she doesn't have a whole lot of time for romance. Besides, she wants classic romance and chivalry, if it's not completely dead. She wants someone different from all the cocky, self-absorbed men she's so accustomed to. Maybe someone a little too obsessed with tacos and Christmas movies. But men like that don't exist where she's from. No, she's pretty sure that man only exists on the other side of the country.

When the off-season hits and Zoey gets the chance to take a winter wonderland vacation to Northern Michigan, she's got one thing on her The hunky bar owner who hasn't left her thoughts in months. Was their insta-love moment a thing of true love, or was it just a sizzling obsession that will burn out before the season ends? 

Praise for this book

Crowd Pleaser is just that - pleasing. I love this book. Jett was the awesome friend in 'Hard Hitter' and I was thrilled to see he would have his own book. Zoey and Jett are everything as a couple - spicy hot, caring and so funny. They have amazing friends all around to make things interesting too. I also love all of the beautiful descriptions of landmarks around Michigan ♥️. While 'Hard Hitter' is before this book, it can definitely be read as a standalone. I do recommend reading 'Hard Hitter' first, as it does help with some of the events that are mentioned in the book. All in all, I really enjoyed this book ♥️
This was such a cute winter romance. The main part of the story is centered around Christmas and while important plot points took place in the snow, I wouldn’t consider this a Christmas Romcom. This story felt like it could be written around any month in which there is snow. It was well written, and the romance scenes had a lot of spice. The perfect book to be reading next to the fireplace as snow as falling. I love both the FMC and the MMC. Zoey is a workaholic who lives in LA as a publicist to a talented baseball player. While he goes on vacation to visit his family and friends in Michigan, she decides to also take a break and see if she should explore the feelings she got when she met his best friend, Jett, a few months ago. Jett is a big family man. He loves his brother and sisters, he loves his friends, and he loves running the bar he and his bff Chris own. But there’s something lacking in his life, which is made more apparent when his All-Star baseball player best friend, Quinn, gets engaged to their long-time childhood friend, Rae. He’s not jealous that Quinn gets to be with Rae, but he is jealous that they found someone they can be themselves around and feel loved. Everyone deserves a Jett Miller in their lives. He is so sweet with his grandparents, the best son, most supportive brother, and a best friend who will always be there when you need him. But as a partner, he really stole the show. His golden retriever personality was exactly what Zoey needed after so many years of taking care of everything and everyone around her. He was able to help her share the load. There were a few editing issues which made me rate it a little lower but overall, it was a nice story. It has me intrigued to read the other book about Quinn and Rae. Hopefully, there will be books about some of the other characters we meet in this book as well. The epilogue was a nice view into their HEA as well.
This is the second book by this author and it was so enjoyable that I was smiling at her descriptions of quirky Jett Miller. Jett is the ideal boyfriend and he deserved a happily ever after. Thank you for bringing back the characters Quinn and Rae and including them in Jett's story. I look forward to more books by Kaylee Losey.
Zoey and Jett met in Hard Hitter (book one of the series). There were instant sparks. Jett is the awkward friend of his group and Zoey is nearly the same. They hit it off right away. Jump to Crowd Pleaser and they have gone about their lives, sort of. Jett wants to reach out but is hindered by his lack of “game” Zoey is just busy. When opportunity arises for Zoey to take a break and head to Michigan she jumps at the chance and calls Jett to see if there really are sparks. As they begin a relationship they must address the growing passion and possible distance. I loved Zoey. She was strong passionate and driven. She worked hard to keep Quinn’s image as sparkling as she could given his shenanigans. She instantly connects with Jett. They have so much in common. They also point out how much the other gets lost in the shuffle of life. Jett starts out awkward but soon you see that he just needs to find the right person to be awkward with. Zoey embraces it. Their relationship moves fast, but for them it works. Jett shows Zoey how much of her own life she has put on hold because of her family and job. He encourages her to stop and just be. Jeff is the ultimate book boyfriend. This was so much fun. Loved seeing more of the interactions between Quinn, Jett, Chris and Rae it was even better than book 1. This group of friends (including Zoey now) show what true friendship and found family mean. They fight but make up. They love hard and protect harder.
Another beautifully written book by Kaylee Losey! 4/5 spice level An adorable romance about two caring and sweet people finding love (finally in Jett's case). If you like adorable stories with a heaping side of spice, then you will love Crowd Pleaser!