The Smitten Series

Hard Hitter

Book #1 from the series: The Smitten Series

Raelyn DeRose has it all- almost. Great friends, a wonderful- not to mention insanely wealthy- family, and a fulfilling, successful career as one of the best physical therapists around. Her love life, however, is a bit lacking. After a failed engagement, she's on a bit of a hiatus from men, and is definitely feeling the effects of her dry spell....

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Crowd Pleaser

Book #2 from the series: The Smitten Series

 Jett Miller is the best. The best friend, the best brother, the best Christmas tree decorator...and the best at getting friend-zoned. Until her. They just clicked. He talked, she laughed, and maybe for the first time in his life he didn't stutter over his words or fall into some weird accent that sent her running the other way. The...

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Game Changer

Book #3 from the series: The Smitten Series

Smooth-talker. Player. Cheater. Emerson Yates has heard it all. And they're not wrong. But so what? Everybody knows the drill: No strings, no attachments, no commitments. That's the way he likes it and he's not changing for anyone. Especially not the woman threatening his position at work. No matter how delicious she looks in those tight skirts...

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