Book #3 from the series: The Smitten Series

Game Changer

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Smooth-talker. Player. Cheater. Emerson Yates has heard it all. And they're not wrong. But so what? Everybody knows the drill: No strings, no attachments, no commitments. That's the way he likes it and he's not changing for anyone. Especially not the woman threatening his position at work. No matter how delicious she looks in those tight skirts and pointy heels. Not even those lips that awaken his most sinful daydreams could convince him to change. As far as she's concerned, his only goals are keeping things exactly how they are and showing her who's really on top at the office.

Gabriella Cabrera-Perez is the new HBIC in town. Trying to prove herself at a new law firm, she doesn't have time for distractions, and she really doesn't have time for games. Unfortunately, Emerson Yates seems to have all the time in the world to make her life miserable. But Gabriella isn't the type of girl to shy away from a challenge, and she certainly won't be distracted by a pair of mesmerizing blue eyes and playboy charm.

When their lives outside the office merge unexpectedly, Emerson finds that maybe Gabriella isn't the She-Devil he's made her out to be. But that's all the more reason to keep his distance; He doesn't do relationships. He can't. And he refuses to subject her to his usual games. He just never expected to be the one with his heart on the line.

Praise for this book

Great read!! Kaylee made you fall in love with a hard to love character, and Gabby was just all around amazing and easy to love! Can't wait for the next book!
"Game Changer" is the conclusion to an amazing series. Everything about this book was incredible, from the writing style to the chemistry between Emerson and Gabriella. I loved this book in particular because the tension between them keeps you hooked, and it was an easy read. If you enjoy spicy rom-coms, office romances, and enemies to lovers, this book is a must-read! It's the perfect example of "a person can change if they meet the right woman"!
Emerson was a character in Hard Hitter & Crowd Pleaser, Kaylee's 1st 2 books. He was a real jerk & not someone to be liked. This book is a must read. You learn why Emerson behaves this way. He meets his match in Gabriella! She is a no-nonsense, accomplished woman who isn't afraid to be in charge. She knows what she wants & it isn't Emerson, at first. Their love story is awesome. Looking forward to more from this author in the future!!
Game Changer has one of the better redemption arcs I have seen in a long time! Emerson, despite what you have seen from him in the first two books, is such a complex character. I was not his biggest fan in Hard Hitter, but I warmed up a bit in Crowd Pleaser, and was won over completely this go around. The chemistry between Gabriella and Emerson was amazing. Their banter was fun. Sweet and spicy at all the right moments. The prank war was super entertaining. The way Emerson reacted to his feelings was a hoot. It was so cute. And I absolutely loved Gabriella putting him in his place. Game Changer is the perfect blend of enemies to lovers, workplace romance, and redemption.